Saturday, May 9, 2009

If You Build It...

OK, that worked for Fields of Dreams but in my fields of dreams when I put it together a few came but in the end it was a fun time for those who came and a good day for Michelle and I because we did sell a few of our frames and got a few custom orders too.

It wasn't until 6:30 pm that my sister, my niece and my mom came in. Before this I was thinking no one would show up. A few minutes later my other sister and my other niece came in. Hey not a total bust, then my sister in law, her two daughters (my nieces), and a friend of theirs showed up, and lastly Michelle's best friend came in.

My gardener got a private showing as he was here doing my yards and he was quite impressed with what he saw that he wanted to buy one on the spot, then he told me he really loved a certain image we had but wanted it on a darker frame to fit the decor of his house, needless to say he placed the order and we are already working on it.

How amazing that we can make some money out of something we have always done for free. If you know my clan we are all always carrying our cameras, a hobby passed down to all of us by my dad. So, without further ado here are some of the photos I took from last night.

Elegant and inspiring, this limited edition collection is mostly filled with one of a kind original images captured by either Michelle or me. We put a lot of love in the process of framing the images. These are perfect for mother's day and also as casual gifts. For any questions plese do not hesitate to contact us.

"The Angel" my sister in law snatched this one right away as she really loved it. This is one of Michelle's images.

Our artwork on display.

The church in the photograph which my daughter nicknamed "The Castle" was bought by my sister. The Angel was bought by my sister in law.

At $50.00 the frame of the Rocky Point Sunset was the most expensive picture on display. Michelle's friend liked it so much that she bought the print only and paid a pretty good price for it, she wanted it in B&W and it came out really nice. She picked it up at the show and was very pleased with it.

"Rocky Point Sunset" won a first place out of over 800 images in a Internet photo contest on, "The Old Lady" and image I captured last year in our trip to Mexico was a favorite. Everyone that sees it seems to fall in love with it. The little frame holds a regular size photo and at $20.00 dollars is our best buy.

These two frames belong to mi chica and obviously are not for sale, however the concept was. The frame in the left showcases all of our grandkids in a fun collage. The one in the right is a picture of my daughter Nikki as she photo shopped it and made it look pretty unique.

Three images featuring water.

Definitely a pair of crowd pleasers.

This is the Dominique ex-convent of the Nativity in a little town named Tepoztlan in Morelos, Mexico. View from afar it totally resembles a castle so my daughter named this "The Castle".

One of Michelle's favorites works, she calls it "The Pretend Winter", my mom fell in love with it but wanted the image to be bigger, then she opted for two different ones.

So, there you have it. All in all we had a good show, only a few people showed up but it made it for a more intimate gathering. Once everybody got here I put my camera down so I could answer whatever questions they had and I had no chance to take pictures with people in them.

My niece Alex whom also loves photography has asked us to please include her in our next exhibition. This will bring an added variety to the two very different styles from Michelle and I. I am excited to work on another one, now I just have to find a new volunteer to host it in their house.

My daughter Nikki does a lot of our graphic designs. She created the wonderful invitation for the exhibition, and currently she is working on our logo which by the way came out really nice. She is doing the final touches to it. So, for her help Michelle and I presented her with a surprise frame of "Ducky". I believe she loved it (Click Here) and it now hangs in her leaving room. It kindda looks lonely so baby you need to buy some more frames from us. lol


Jenny from the Blog said...

A few things for you Joe:

We are sorry we couldn't make it, but we had plans with my boss for months prior.

For the next one, I would be happy to host it at my house.

You guys can also have some of my pictures to add to your collection, if you like.

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

Jen - Thank you and thank you for both offers, we'll take you up on it because we do need to promote the frames. Sylvia told me in advance you had a prior commitment. Saturday the day of the exhibition we had it from 6:00 to 8:00 but it was almost 6:40 pm and nobody was here. You know us Melos, we are always late. Then all at once everybody came in and it was good times after that.

Tina said...

I love "The Angel" and how you arranged your artwork. "Rocky Point Sunset" is great, too. And a picture of "The Castle" i want to explore. It´s the image i saw on Facebook, right? All in all it sound you had a great time.

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

Tina - The Angel was a picture that my daughter did, it sold right away. The Rocky Point Sunset and The Castle are both images captured by yours truly. We had fun and we are finding a home for our framed art.

Chely said...

I like this new Blog. I will begin promoting it to all my friends in the morning=D