Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning The Hard Way

Original frame and artwork not pictured, this is just a sample of what happened to mine.

Today we took two more images to be framed, we are experimenting with a 12 X 18 the biggest image in our inventory, also I'm framing another of Nikki's works. Those two I won't see until after the 21st of the month. It takes them a while to custom cut the mats but I don't mind waiting it adds to the excitement.

However, I did buy a separate smaller frame and mat to do one myself, so far I have done about four and they have all come out pretty good, well this one would have not been an exception but when I finished and turned it around I noticed that there was some adhesive streaks on the glass and they were in the inside. So, I took it apart again and very carefully I washed the glass and dried it with a towel. I was being careful not to cut myself and also I didn't want to leave finger prints all over the glass. I put the glass in the frame and it felt as it went into place right away... Not! I looked like it was inside but there was an edge that was still half way and when I put the mat and picture and pressed I heard a pop and I knew then that my glass had broken.

I will have to go and buy another glass and I know that they will tell me, "That's why we do them for you here". lol Well, I have to try and learn to do at least some of them myself, it will save on time and on money too. Where I take them the assembly is free and it makes total sense to leave them if the mat is being custom cut, but in those cases where I find pre-cut mats I will have to just keep trying until I learn to handle the glass.

It's all in a days work.


Betty Flocken said...

Oh that's just awful Jose! I do my own framing too!

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

betty - I know but I look at it in the bright side, I could have cut myself. lol I knew sooner or later that would happen. I guess it was sooner huh.

Chely said...