Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our California Exhibition

The site for the exhibit.

It was a birthday party but it featured our Photo Exhibition. We took 20 framed photographs and they were well received. We have tried not to repeat any of the images we have framed therefore really making them originalz. We do carry the small prints just in case someone wants to order one of the ones we have done but for the most part they look at what we have in inventory at the time and buy from there.

This one was an outside show and I must admit the frames looked really nice under the daylight. Only four frames sold but two of them were big frames so it was worth our while.

Setting up the display area.

Now that I've done five shows I think I know what works and what doesn't and it's time to start applying all that learning experience into future shows. So far I am having fun doing this, it is rewarding to see our frames hanging on our friends and relatives homes but it's time to take this to the next level and maybe start attending church fairs and arts and crafts shows. That is going to be my next goal. I'll keep you posted.

And in the images above you can see how the whole thing looked once it was set up. I was very pleased with the way it came out and we did get very good reviews again.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chely's Capture

Chely's Special Capture
La Puente, California
Image captured by: Aracely Ramirez aka Chely Melo
Frame Size: 11 X 14
Image Size: 16 X 20
Black Frame
Dark Blue Mat

Click on image to enlarge

My sister captured this cloudy sky as the sun was setting down. When viewed in a lap top computer screen, if you push the screen away from you there's a piece of the sky that lights up and it looks like an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You have to be open minded as some say they see it and some say they don't. Regardless of, she wanted this in a frame and I was just too happy to comply.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upcoming Exhibition in California

Finally, after a long month of inactivity and funds shortage we finally were able to raise the frame count to 21 pieces and we are now ready to travel this coming weekend to the beautiful City of La Puente, California where we will join my younger sister in her birthday celebration which as per her request will feature a melo-duckworth originalz exhibition and sale.

I really do have high hopes for this one but then again I always do for all exhibitions. It will be interesting and fun to mix it up a bit, being featured in a birthday celebrations has it's pros and cons. The worst thing that can happen is that I don't sell anything which to this day has not happened yet but on the other side of the coin we don't lose anything since we'll be having fun at the party anyway.

I think my sister's idea of featuring us at her birthday party was a good one and I guess we'll soon find out if the idea is going to pan out or not.

Wish us luck.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Waterfall

Buena Park, California
Image captured by: James Duckworth
Frame Size: 11 X 14
Image Size: 8 X 10
Brown Frame
Light Tan Mat
$30.00 + shipping & handling
Click on image to enlarge

Junior has captured some of the best images we have framed so far. A good eye and a good camera is a winning combination. This image is from Knotts Berry Farm, a happy place we love to visit almost yearly.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bike NIght

Bike Night
Glendale, Arizona
Image captured by: Jose Melo
Frame Size: 16 X 20
Image Size: 11 X 14
Black Frame
Black Mat
$50.00 + shipping & handling
Click on image to enlarge

I captured this image during one in a series of Bike Nights over at Westgate City Center. Being a bike rider myself I truly love the way this image came out. It shows the essence of what bikers are all about.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Friday

People waiting for the shuttle at the Phoenix Art Museum parking lot.

Finally we did our first "First Friday" over at Downtown Phoenix. My sister in law and my niece were my partners in crime for this outing. We left the house at around 6:30 pm got on the freeway and in about 20 minutes we got to the Phoenix Art Museum to pick up the free route maps.

We waited for about 15 minutes for the shuttle but then decided to get the van and drive down to Roosevelt and 3rd, it was already crowded and we noticed that people had to park far to get to the event. I turned on a street here, and the on a street there and voila a parking spot was right there just waiting for us to park. Only two short blocks away and we were eaten by the crowds.

The temperature was hot and a bit humid, they had predicted rains all afternoon for Phoenix but does anybody really trust the Weather Forecasters, I think not. We started by going into the first gallery, an artist working on a painting, a band playing live in the corner, a few vendors selling hand made jewelry and friendly people just having fun watching the different products on display.

Then on to our second gallery, this one had some pictures just hanging from a string, you could tell the images were captured with a good camera, my little point and shoot will never accomplish the clarity of those images, I didn't see any prices though.

You find out that there is no particular kind of people there, it's a great mix of people of all kinds, trust me when I say all kinds. lol

Our third gallery tour showed a big collection of framed black and white images. I started to peruse the images and was already in my mind saying, "I have better images than this in my repertoire" my sister in law said the very same thing I was thinking and then under each picture in a little, tiny, weeny, card we saw the prices. $900.00 or $700.00 unframed. A regular size picture in a 5 X 7 frame $500.00 or $300.00 unframed.

My sister in law and her daughter admiring the photographs.
My goddaughter and I.

Humm do they think I am made of money. That's it I'm buying from my brother in law.

My sister in law said, "There is hope for you guys". I don't know what separates a pro from an amateur but if it's all the same to you all from now all call me "artist". I am artist Joe Cool and my captures will be found in a gallery on E Roosevelt St. Starting prices at the low $1000s and if my works sell maybe I won't get to be a starving artist.

Seriously, I offer my pictures starting at $25.00 and at this time my most expensive one is about $70.00. But there I think I have to start pricing them at $100.00 all the way to $800.00.

I didn't realize that the crowds were in the thousands. I thought maybe I would see a few groups here and there, well, think again Mr. Joe Cool.

The crowd.

I really enjoy this kind of outing, I hate crowds but I know how to ignore people when I want to and I don't let it get to me. Most likely we will be going again next month. The area where this galleries and studios are is so huge that there is no way everything can be seen in one day, or two, or three.