Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The Castle"

"The Castle"
Ex Convento Dominico de la Natividad

Tepoztlan Morelos, Mexico
Image captured by: Jose Melo
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Rising above most of Tepoztlán's buildings is the buttressed Ex-Convento Dominico de la Natividad. The former convent, dating from the mid-16th century, has a facade adorned with icons dating from before the introduction of Christianity. Many of the walls, especially on the ground floor, have fragments of old paintings in earthen tones on the walls and decorating the arches. It is worth a visit just to see the building, which also houses temporary exhibitions and a complete bookstore with a good selection of books, CDs, and videos.

Text borroed from the Internet. Fodor's

Michelle dubbed this "The Castle". Truth is that when viewed in person from different angles this architectural beauty does resemble a castle. I captured this image on a cloudy day which added a certain gloom to the image. So far it's our best seller.

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