Monday, June 1, 2009

Rocky Point Sunset

Rocky Point Sunset
Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Image captured by: Jose Melo
Frame Size: 16 X 20
Image Size: 11 X 14
Brown Frame
Off white Mat
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From Phoenix it's a quick 3 1/2 hour drive to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) in Mexico. I was told that the sunsets there are magnificent so the one time I visited I just had to witness one. We actually waited about an hour before for the sun to finally set down but it was totally worth the wait. I kept clicking the trigger as the sun gradually disappeared over the ocean.

To this day this is one of my favorite sunset captures, and trust me I have many. The restaurant shows mostly as a silhouette adding to the image's drama.


Chely said...

Beautiful Sunset. Hadn't you sold this pictur to your gardener already?

Erin said...

That is one of my favorites - it is just beautiful!

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

Cehly - Yep, this is actually the one he took.

Erin - One of my faves too.

Betty F said...

I love this photo. I've always wanted to go to Rocky Point but hear now, that it's not safe enough anymore.

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

Betty - I hear Rocky Point is still the same. The owner of the company I work for owns a beutiful house over there and he is there every weekend. The only problem now is that effective June 1st of this year you are required to have a passport to cross border, no longer is your driver's licence sufficient. I want to go again, it's pretty nice there.