Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome to the Team Nikki

This is the invitation to our second Photo Exhibition designed by the newest member to our team. Nichole Duckworth.

Yes, my daughter Nikki has join the team and is jumping on the band wagon. Nikki's talents are of the graphic design kind. To date she has designed our logo, our business cards, our exhibit invitations and is the provider of the vector art images as well. She will join Michelle and I as a full partner as soon as she graduates from the Phoenix Art Institute in about two or three weeks. I am excited to have her on board and I am sure between the three of us we'll come up with many great and exciting images.

Right now we are planning our second photo exhibition, my son and his wife will gracefully be the hosts. In our first exhibit we had about 12 available frames for sale and three for display only. Our goal was to have at least 20 for our second one and we have met that goal thanks to the profits from previous sales.

This is a learning adventure in process and we are having fun doing it. As always I encourage you to leave us comments on what you see here, your suggestions and critiques are always welcomed too.

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