Friday, July 17, 2009


I took some of my frames to work so that some of my friends could see them. Their feedback was 100% positive, and their suggestions were noted. The next day one of them sent me three jpegs of her little dog playing by the food bowl. Actually in one of the images the dog was totally inside the bowl, it was so curled that you really couldn't make it up, a second jpeg was nice but blurry, the last of the three was really cute except I didn't like the colors. It was mostly brown and kindda blah.

So I sent the jpegs to my daughter Nikki and asked her to play with them. She gave me a sepia image, and a black and white image, immediately I noticed that the black and white looked a lot better and cleaner however the background was still bugging me. So I asked Nikki to blur out the background a little bit.

She sent me the jpeg with the changes I requested and I was pretty happy with it. I had a 5 X & print developed, went and bought a nice but simple black frame and a white border and as a surprised I presented it to her.

She wasn't expecting it so I think she was really surprised and amazed at how nice it looked. I thought so too and I was glad she liked it.

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