Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Stream

The Stream
Buena Park, California
Image captured by: James Duckworth
Frame Size: 27 X 21
Image Size: 17 X 12
Brown Frame
Light Blue Mat
$70.00 + shipping & handling
Click on image to enlarge

This is one of our larger frames. I wanted to experiment with the biggest picture you can print and pick up on location. Anything bigger than this would have to be ordered through the Internet and lots of shipping and handling charges would apply. Therefore we want to stay away from that kind of expense at lest for now.

In any case when we picked up this from our framer we couldn't be happier. The size was perfect, the mat we chose complemented the image very nicely and so far everyone that has seen it really likes it. I am sure it won't last too long in my stock.



i love this one would look good in my blue room i am thinking i might buy it

Jose said...

Well, you know where to find me my dear LUCKYLADY. I would love to sell it to you. Just say the word. lol