Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wanda's Art Framed

Three beautiful greeting cards designed by my dear friend Wanda.

Back in November of 2007 my dear friend Wanda sent me five greeting cards displaying her paintings. She she was supposed to send me only one of the Old Truck as a "Thank You" for featuring her photos on my photo blog for a week. So when I received the envelope and found out it had five cards I was pretty happy.

I put them away in a safe place and didn't think of them much until last September when for my birthday Wanda sent me an 8 X 10 print of the "Old Truck". Since I had that print framed I thought it was time to take the small greeting cards and do the same to them.

Again I went to Hobby Lobby my framing place of choice and between their talented framers and I came out with the proper frames for these type of cards. The single flower deserved its own frame, while the wolf and the lion are sharing the other frame. The other two I will keep as cards and will display them as such but these two frames will soon be displayed in one of my walls.

And while this blog is displays all of the melo-duckworth originalz photographic captures, I am proud to share it with some of Wanda's original water paint artwork.

Thank you Wanda.


Michelle said...

I love Wanda's watercolor artwork! And these frames look very nice!

Wanda said...

OK my dear Jose ~~~ you've made me cry. I'm so touched by your interest in my watercolors and the absolutely lovely way you have displayed them. I am honored!!
We MUST get together the next time you come to Southern CA.... I want to thank you in person over a cup of coffee, and maybe some of my Banana Bread.

LOL: Wanda